Mooresville History

Initially known as a railroad town, then textile center, and now Race City, USA, Mooresville has witnessed a lot of transformation, both in name and development over the years. Mooresville has also kept a strong sense of its past. Founded in the 1850s, the town has preserved several historic buildings, most of which are located in the downtown area.

The area which later develops into the town of Mooresville was initially settled by German, English, and Scot-Irish families. Many of them came from places such as Rowan County, Virginia, and Pennsylvania while seeking new territories to establish farms. Most of the early families including the Wilsons, Cowans, Davidsons, Torrances, Sherrills, started settling in the area as far back as the mid-1700s.

In 1856, a railroad was constructed on a natural ridge running through the land of John Franklin Moore, a local farmer. Mr. Moore used this opportunity to set up a depot on his land, while at the same time persuading others to do so. This was what led to the birth of a little village referred to as Moore’s Siding.

However, development was hampered by the Civil War. They railroads track were removed but were later returned after the civil war. Just after the Civil War, John Franklin Moore realized the need to incorporate the village into a town. In 1873, the town was incorporated as Mooresville. The first brick making factory in the new Mooresville town was later established with the help of Mr. Moore.

The railroad lines were later run back in 1883, with a new depot added. This brought about continued development and rapid growth to Mooresville town. Some of the industries and amenities established around this period include a library in 1899, a phone company in 1893, a water plant in the early 1890s, as well as a textile mill in 1900. From textile mills to NASCAR; Mooresville has now served as home to many industries and businesses.

Mooresville is a large enough area that still possesses lots of cultivating zones. The heart of the town is occupied by eateries, stores, and lots of other places of attractions. It’s the ideal area for somebody who appreciates living on the borders of town for some peace and calm yet can jump in the vehicle, and within 10 minutes, you will be in the center point of all the town’s activity.

Mooresville, NC, today offers a delightful scenery for an incredible family vacation experience. In the center, Mooresville fuses residential area setting with the benefits of a near-by urban city.  Mooresville is briskly becoming the new place numerous families and businesses are calling home.