New Homes in Mooresville NC

Buying a New Home in Mooresville NC

There’s something about a buying a new home.  It’s kind of like that ‘new car smell’ for houses.  You get all the latest design trends, new appliances as well as all the new building technologies.  In addition, you have the peace of mind of not having to address any major maintenance issues for years.

Mooresville has grown and continues to grow and as a result there is a large supply of new homes for sale.

Currently new homes range in size from 1,705 sq. ft to 5,266 sq. ft and in price from $240,990 to $1,226,000.  Of course you can always custom build a home of any size and price.  But for many, they prefer to buy an existing new home instead of waiting and going through the process of a custom build.

New Homes For Sale in Mooresville NC Neighborhoods

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Advantages of Living in Mooresville

Mooresville, North Carolina is situated in one of the quickest developing metro areas in the nation. However, it offers an affectionate vibe and laid-back environment. Inhabitants in Mooresville are near Lake Norman, which is a public relaxation spot in the Carolinas. Kayak or lease a boat for some lake fun.

Ride a bicycle along or climb the nature preserve. Stroll on the wild side at the Lazy 5 Farm Ranch. Petting zoo and stallion wagon rides exist through the safari stop. There’s additionally boat cruising, wakeboarding, and water skiing. Besides, there’s a lot of golf courses, parks, and horseback riding areas.

Are you searching for a home in Mooresville NC?

In case you are searching for homes available to be purchased in Mooresville, NC, clearly the area mean something to you. Possibly you need to be nearer to work or a decent school or maybe you are getting away from the city for some outside air and calm community life.

We also provide details containing information such as neighborhood info, schools, amenities, hospitality, recreations centers, and so on providing you with nearly all the facts you require upfront. We know that finding the right and comfortable home may be quite tasking, however, we are striving to make it easier.

Ease of Living and Safety

The cost of living, utility, and transport in Mooresville are quite low when compared to the average cost of living in U. S. Cost of housing is relatively cheap when compared to other areas. Coupled with the low cost of living, Mooresville residents and business own enjoy a very low property tax rate in the whole of North Carolina. The Tar Heel city of Mooresville is safer as compared to other different US urban communities.

Favorable Economy

The Mooresville economy boasts of a strong job growth at an increased rated of 2.19%. What’s more, the unemployment rate in the community is quite low as compared to the average unemployment rate in U. S.

Top Employers

From health care to manufacturing to retail, there are many top businesses in Mooresville. You can secure an employment opportunity in manufacturing industries like Carolina Beverage Group, NGK Ceramics, Rock-Tenn, Overcash Electric, Penske Racing and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Lake Norman Regional Medical consists of medical offices and a hospital. Presently, it employs up to 950 specialists. In the retail field, you can find Best Buy, Lowe’s as well as the Walmart Supercenter. All around, Mooresville highlights a flourishing economy.

A solid economy, affordable housing, top employers, low taxes and a lot of fun things to participate in for all ages makes Mooresville the ideal place to buy a house and refer to as home. Simply contact us to get more details about Mooresville, North Carolina homes, properties, neighborhoods, schools and real estate market. With our database, searching for the right home just became easier.